Lucki 7 Farm is located in Rodman, NY. The Winklers moved to northern New York in June of 1997 and bought the original 100 acres, house and barn. Stephen and Lisa made a commitment in 1998 to grow as much food as possible to feed their family. They started with a small flock of layers, then added pigs, then meat chicken, then turkeys, then beef cows.

We started farming to create a healthy food system for our children. Yes, we wanted to live in the country and enjoy peace and quiet, but we wanted to be self sufficient. We are very concerned about the foods being mass-produced and shipped from overseas. Most countries the United States is buying produce from do not have high enough safety standards, and the meat being offered is overtreated with drugs, hormones and animal proteins. We as a family want no part of it.
– Stephen Winkler

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