In 1872, when Saratoga Spring Water first began bottling, life was very different than it is today. Horse and carriage were the primary modes of transportation. Alexander Graham Bell was still four years away from uttering his famous words to Watson. Edison was seven years from chasing away the night.

Our story begins in a long forgotten park on the shores of Geyser Lake in Saratoga Springs NY. It was at this small but elegant spring house that the affluent from America and Europe came to enjoy our famous spring water. This site remains the location of our present day bottling facility.

By the 1930’s Saratoga Spring Water had become world-renowned. Having outgrown the original spring house, a larger facility was added. The 1940’s brought new developments in automated bottling technology that modernized the operation. Returnable bottles were cleaned in some of the first automatic bottle washers. They were then filled, inspected and manually placed into wooden crates.

Saratoga Spring Water Company continued as one of the few remaining American-made premium waters in operation. We credit our prosperity during this era to the focus on quality and craftmanship that we have always been known for.

The more recent history of Saratoga Spring Water has been that of continuing determination and hard work to remain America’s finest spring water. As the only Premium American spring water, we feel it is our duty to continue the legacy of fine products that has endured for more than 140 years.