Bornholms Andelsmejeri a.m.b.a is a modern dairy cooperative owned by the dairy farmers on the island of Bornholm in the middle of the Baltic Sea.

It has been the only dairy on the island since 1972. Our 28 milk suppliers deliver their milk on a daily basis and the milk goes directly into production where it is being processed into liquid milk, butter and cheese.

We produce yellow cheeses, hard cheeses (Greek style), semi-soft cheese (Havarti) and Blue Cheese for international export and liquid milk for the local market in Bornholm. Our dedicated employees play an important role in turning the factory into a competitive supplier.

Our primary task at the dairy is to deliver top quality products to our customers. The products must meet all specifications and satisfy the demands of our customers.

We are FSSC (Food Safety System Certification) certified on butter, yellow- and Blue cheese.

The FSSC standard is well known within the food sector and covers quality management, food safety and the integrity of our system. This certification is recognized by many international customers.

We also produce according to customer’s individual requested specifications.

  • Havarti, 60%, Plain, ~9#   $/# Quick View
    • Havarti, 60%, Plain, ~9#   $/# Quick View
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    • CH501
    • Havarti, 60%, Plain, ~9# $/#

    • A semisoft pale yellow cow’s milk cheese with small irregular holes that is popular as a dessert cheese served with fruit and wine. Havarti was created in the 19th century by cheese maker Hanne Nielsen, who studied European methods and then developed this cheese on her farm in Denmark. Havarti is available in flavors ranging from mildly sharp to strongly…
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