CheeseSticks, Romano Garlic 12/4oz

Indulge your inner garlic lover and add an Italian twist! Multiple layers of fresh sourdough interleaved with aged Pecorino Romano cheese, seasoned with crushed garlic, basil and black pepper, then hand-twisted and baked twice for “the perfect crunch!” Substitute for garlic bread or breadsticks with your favorite pasta. Also great with cocktails, soups and salads or right out of the box for a quick snack. Try them warmed up (5 – 10 minutes at 250 degrees) or serve with your favorite dip or spread!

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About John WM Macy's

John WM Macy's

Good people. Great times. The perfect crunch. All three of these share one thing: they’re best enjoyed together. Putting things in great combinations has been our promise since 1976. Our crazy cheesy, sourdoughy, mouth watery combinations have come a long way since being brought to life from creator John Wm. Macy in his small California kitchen.

Forty years later, the heart of our brand still comes from the kitchen with our growing family of employees still doing what they do best in the name of good food, good people, and good times and we hope you go grab a table and enjoy.

Product Type Dry
Country of Origin USA
State NJ
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