Cremeux De Bourgogne, S/O ~4# $/#

This little, fluffy slice of heaven is one versatile piece of cheese! The delicious creamy Cremeux de Bourgogne is something that can be added to a cheese board, on a slice of toast, added to a sauce mixture, a risotto. So many options, so little time!
Cremeux de Bourgogne is very similar to Brillat Savarin. It’s sweet, mild and milky pate is so delicate it will simply melt in your mouth. If you like creamy, this is a definite winner for you. Essentially, Le Cremeux de Bourgogne is a triple cream, however, we find it much creamier than others we have tried before.

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About Delin


In 1969, Jacques and Jacqueline DELIN (parents of Philippe, the current Chair) created the DELIN cheese dairy

From the 1970s onwards, the production of fresh bottled milk and fromage blanc was quickly supplemented by soft cheeses.

A family business firmly rooted in in Gilly-les-Cîteaux, Burgundy, we are proud to defend the work of our milk producers in order to guarantee them a fair and stable price for the milk they produce. We strongly favour local supplies and French suppliers of equipment and raw materials.

In our constant quest for innovation and excellence, we pride ourselves on offering our customers quality products.

Our product range is extensive and well-known and enjoys nationwide and international recognition. We have created strong brands around Brillat-Savarin (which became a PGI in 2017), the spearhead of the company.

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Country of Origin France
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