Jersey Girl, Colby, Raw Milk, Grass Fed, 6/~8oz, $/#

This raw milk Colby made with milk from Autumn Valley Farm in Worcester, NY is very flavorful and creamy. Autumn Valley Farm is entirely grass fed so the earthiness of the cow’s milk is reflected in the deep yellow hue and rich hearty flavor of the cheese. The cheese is currently available in 10 pound wheels. Since the flavor of the cheese is so dependent on the availability of grass in the fields, the cheese is made in the spring and summer months so it is not always available all year long.

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About Cooperstown Cheese

Cooperstown Cheese

Sharon Tomaselli and Bob Sweitzer of Cooperstown Cheese Company are former paper makers turned cheese makers. Their love of cheese led them to learn all they could about both the science and the art of making cheese and to create some truly unique cheeses. At the 2013 American Cheese Society’s annual competition in Austin, their Jersey Girl cheese received high honors. Along with their Toma Celena cheese, Jersey Girl was selected to be on the menu at the 2013 Presidential Inauguration luncheon!

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