Langa La Tur, 6/~8oz $/#

This handcrafted mixed-milk (goat, sheep, cow), soft-ripened cheese comes from Italy’s Piedmont region, very soft and creamy with hints of sweetness.

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About Caseificio


Our family boasts a long history in the cheese and dairy sector. The butter and cheeses we produce are the fruit of more than 80 years of experience, using recipes handed down from generation to generation. In a constant effort to improve our production methods without altering the processing techniques that characterise our products, our goal is to bring quality butter and cheeses to the tables of our customers, all produced using artisan techniques just the way we were taught by tradition.

Ingredients Pasteurized Cow, Sheep and Goat’s Milk, Animal Rennet, Salt.
Product Type Refrigerated
Country of Origin Italy
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