Olive Oil, XV, Mis Raices Roots, Organic 4/500ml

This 100% organic oil comes from Bajo Aragón, an arid region where olive cultivation has flourished since Roman times. The small region has its own DOP designation because of the ideal conditions for growing olives and the unique varietals that grow there. This oil is made with a mix of Empeltre, a rare Spanish varietal, and Arbequina olives, which are grown using organic and sustainable methods. The olives are pressed within hours of harvest, which occurs at the end of October. Mis Raíces Organic Roots balances bitterness, spiciness, and sweetness and has a medium intensity with notes of ripe fruit and fresh grass. Delicate and sweet, it perfectly complements salads, seafood, and bread.

Product Type Dry
Country of Origin Spain
Farm Name


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