Peppers, Hot Serrano OG 5#

Serrano pepper originates from Serrano Mexico and picked green are used raw in sauces, dips and pickled. They are hotter than jalapeno peppers, but they have a bit of a delay in the spice. 10-20,000 scoville units.

About Stick and Stone Farm

Stick and Stone Farm

Stick and Stone Farm started on a few acres of rented land in Newfield, NY. It is now 72 acres of land in the Town of Ulysses, between Jacksonville and Ithaca on route 96. We raise 35 acres of certified organic vegetables, fruits and sometimes free range chickens for eggs. We attend the Ithaca Farmers’ Market on Saturdays year-round and Sundays July-November. We wholesale to Ithaca area restaurants and grocery stores.

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