Wieners, Pork & Beef S/O 12/9oz

All-star on the grill. Schaller & Weber Wieners takes everything great about our wieners and makes them in a NY style. These sausages offer a big, smoky flavor in a snappy sheep casing, and they’re hardwood smoked for an extra burst of that Schaller & Weber smokehouse flavor.

The Wieners are made from selected cuts, without any fillers or extenders. Pre-cooked

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About Schaller & Weber

Schaller & Weber

The Schaller & Weber story begins nearly one hundred years ago with Ferdinand Schaller as an apprentice butcher and sausage maker in Stuttgart, Germany. Fast forward through years of experience and adventure and you’ll find Ferdinand operating his butcher shop in the Yorkville neighborhood of New York’s Upper East Side. That shop became the city’s go-to for authentic German meat and sausages. Today, the recipes and techniques that made Schaller & Weber a fixture on the tables of discerning New Yorkers, is the choice of people across the country who want traditional German sausages and cuts.

For decades, New Yorkers passed through the doors of the Schaller & Weber store, coming for the best meats the city had to offer. The reputation of the Yorkville butcher shop grew, and soon people across the country and around the globe sought out the classic, European-style delicacies and sausages from this master charcuterier. Demand continued to grow, and by the early 1960s Ferdinand built a production facility allowing him to increase supply of his sought-after charcuterie.
The juicy snap of every sausage, the intoxicating smoked aroma of each ham and the delicate flavor of our cold cut slices are proof Schaller & Weber has stayed true to what made their meats a success in the beginning. The commitment to the recipes Ferdinand Schaller created has been globally recognized, as Schaller & Weber became the first and only American sausage and meat producer to win multiple medals of honor at exhibitions in Holland and Germany. In 2000, Schaller & Weber products entered 20 products in Welser Volksfest of Austria, and came home with 14 gold and six silver medals — another first for an American charcuterier.

Ingredients Beef, Water, Sodium Lactate, Salt, Spices, Sodium Phosphate, Flavorings, Dextrose, Paprika, Sodium Diacetate, Oleoresin Paprika, Sodium Erythorbate, Sodium Nitrite *In Natural Sheep Casing
Product Type Refrigerated
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