Tortillas, Flour, 8″ Pressed (#9604) 20/12ct

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About Best Mexican

Best Mexican

In 1968, Louis and Carol Barbone had an idea – they would bring Mexican Food to the East Coast. They opened the first taco stand in New York City – Tico Taco. They envisioned their enterprise growing to a chain of taco stands throughout the New York City area. At that time there were only four Mexican restaurants in the entire city.

The going was hard, but the Barbones persisted and gradually educated consumers about a tasty variety of Mexican food. At that time people were unfamiliar with Mexican food and did not understand that not only was Mexican food delicious but also healthy.

With the deregulation of the airlines, vacationers and business travelers alike discovered the delight of Mexican foods in the American West and Southwest. On returning they shared their experiences with others. It was the start of a Mexican Food Revolution.

By 1972 there were six Mexican restaurants in New York City: Xchotil, Pancho Villa’s, Zapatas, Fonda La Paloma, Braseros and El Parador. The Barbone’s sold all of them tortillas. By then Louis and Carol had transformed and old 7000 sq. foot building into the first major tortilla manufacturing plant in the northeast. They made tortillas daily and delivered them fresh and maintained one of the largest inventories of related food products on the East Coast.

In 1985 they built an ultra-modern 20,000 square foot facility in Middletown, designed especially for tortilla production. In 1987 they added an additional 20,000 square feet.

As a family owned business, Best Mexican Foods is dedicated to providing the “best Mexican food” products with prompt and direct service to a growing customer base in the Northeast.

Now 45 years later, Louis Jr and Daniel Barbone carry on the same tradition started by their parents. With a fleet of refrigerated trucks, they service the Northeast with the freshest corn and flour tortillas and a full line of Mexican grocery items, fresh meats and produce.

The Barbone family runs the oldest, and largest Mexican food distributorship in the Northeast. So remember, for the oldest….the most popular……the best…it’s BEST MEXICAN FOODS.

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