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The problem with food packaging is that production of food packaging takes a tremendous amount of energy and a great number of resources. Too much paper, water, aluminum and plastic go into producing the wrappers, bags and boxes for food products. Sadly, less than half of recyclable packaging material is recycled, so the rest is sent to the landfill. Although recycling is a very good way to reduce waste and a much better option than throwing more waste into the landfill, the materials that do get recycled still require energy and resources for reprocessing them into new products.  On the other hand, bulk foods require minimal packaging. Naturally, if you buy your bulk in plastic bags, that creates more waste. Instead, simply bring glass jars used to store the food and fill them directly. It greatly helps to cut down on waste.

Bulk Saves Money!

Bulk Savings
Savings 57%
Average retailer savings with bulk bins
Bulk Savings 40%
Dollars wasted each year
$ 0

Bulk Saves the Planet!

Percent of waste in landfills attributed to food packaging
Food Packaging Waste 45%
Percent of all food that ends up in landfills
Food Waste 40%
Amount of food wasted in the US each year
0 lbs