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Last updated: 6/29/22
Applies to deliveries starting on: 7/7/22

Here is the latest availability info from our partner farms! You can contact Produce Manager Mark Baumann or our Sales Staff with any questions. Let us know if you are looking for any particular produce crops this season we’ll do what we can to find them for you.

Please note we are closed this Monday for Independence Day, 7/4/22. Please order now for deliveries next week.

Organic Green and Gold Bar Zucchini Squash available. Local Yellow Summer Squash also available.

Organic Summer Squash Blossoms available.

Organic, biodynamic Salad Greens are back! Baby Arugula, Field Greens, Baby Kale, Spicy Greens, and Baby Tatsoi all available in bulk and retail packs.

Organic Salad Dressings now available in 12×6/1oz cases: Citrus, Honey Balsamic, Spicy Asian, and White Truffle. Not just for salads – try on roasted potatoes, or grilled meats and fish. Keep refrigerated.

Organic Celery Greens have have no thick stems. Organic Thyme also available.

Organic Perilla is a staple in Korean and Vietnamese cuisine, with a flavor between mint and Thai basil. Use the large leaves to wrap meat and rice, or chop as a fresh herb.

Organic Fennel Heads available.

Organic Seedless Persian Snack Cucumbers are 5-6″ long and seedless. Organic American Slicer Cucumbers also available.

Organic Green Leaf, Red Leaf, and Romaine Head Lettuces all available.

Organic Green Curly, Red Curly, and Tuscan Dinosaur Kale all available. Organic Collards and Rainbow Chard also available.

Organic Tiara Salad Cabbage is tender, juicy and crisp, almost lettuce-like, great for slaws. Organic Napa and Green Cabbage available, too.

Organic Red, Russet, and Yellow Gold Potatoes all available.

Stick and Stone Farm

Meet our neighbors!  Stick and Stone Farm is Certified Organic farm in Ithaca, NY. Lucy Garrison and Chaw Chang, together with their crew of 10 (and 4 kids), farm about 125 acres just 4.5 miles west of downtown Ithaca. Each year they grow about 50 acres of Organic produce, leaving the rest in soil enriching cover crops. Our crops include a wide variety of greens, tomatoes, root vegetables, alliums, strawberries and more! They also grow many specialty Asian vegetables including fall greens and roots.

Juniper Hill Farm

Juniper Hill Farm is nestled between the Adirondack Mountains and Lake Champlain, on the Boquet River in Wadhams, New York.  Established in 2007, they grew on three acres of fertile land; now, they cultivate over one hundred acres. We are continuously adding more greenhouses with a goal of bringing to market an earlier and higher quality variety of products.  Our growing techniques exceed the requirements of the National Organic Program and our farm is recognized by NOFA NY as a Certified Organic Farm.

Kent Family Growers

Kent Family Growers produces a wide variety of vegetables for sale in several venues throughout the North Country and New York State. We have earned organic certification from NOFA-NY, LLC., which means that you can trust that their produce is grown with a concern for your health as well as the health of our soil and farm personnel.