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North Country Creamery

North Country Creamery is a 100% grass-fed, Non-GMO, & Animal Welfare Approved dairy in Keeseville, NY. We are 20 minutes south of Plattsburgh, a ferry ride across Lake Champlain from Burlington, VT, and just over an hour from both the high peaks region of the Adirondacks and Montreal.

We produce and sell an array of farmstead cheeses, cream-line yogurts, & RAW milk!  All of our products are made exclusively with fresh milk from our Milking Shorthorn and Jersey cows, and other ingredients are limited to cultures, local herbs, maple syrup & organic extracts–no added colors or stabilizers. Our cows receive the utmost care through the use of tinctures, essential oils, and homeopathic remedies if ever they are in need. We hope you enjoy our products just as much as we enjoy creating them.

Blue Pepper Farm

Blue Pepper Farm is a small, human-scale sheep dairy. We also produce wool products and lamb skins along with excellent lamb, sheep’s milk yogurt, pork, and eggs. We are certified “Animal Welfare Approved” and we are a “Farmer’s Pledge” farm vowing to adhere to organic practices. All feed purchased off-farm is certified organic from here in NY.

We have high standards for animal welfare and responsible stewardship of our land. The resulting quality of our products is a true testament to the passion with which we grow this food for ourselves and our neighbors. Our ultimate goal is to produce the highest quality sheep’s milk and the most flavorful meats you’ve ever tasted and we believe the best way to attain this is to respect the interconnectedness of our soil, our pastures, our animals’ health and happiness, and our health and happiness.

Berle Farm

At Berle Farm, we are committed to the quality of our product and we know that it starts, very literally, from the ground up. We view farming as a complete system including the soil, grasses, grains, and animals. We know that the great taste of our cheeses, yogurt and many other products comes from prioritizing health throughout the whole system. Including your health!

From our small beginnings to now, we have always valued quality above all else. We have expanded slowly, but surely, always making sure we have achieved excellence and expertise before expanding production or adding new products. We sell our cheese and yogurt at dozens of stores across NY, VT, and MA but at no point has an increase in quantity meant a decrease in quality.