Employee Contact List

If you have questions or need assistance from our sales team give us a call at 607.319.5150. You can send faxes to 607.319.5156. If you want to know to reach a specific employee refer to the guide below.

Dana Stafford

Financial Director and Human Resources

Anna Redmond
anna@regionalaccess.net or 607.442.4144

Accounting Assistant

Michelle Bacik
michelle@regionalaccess.net or 607.442.4163

Fleet Mechanic
James Simkin
james@regionalaccess.net or 518.788.4408 (cell)

Traffic Safety and Compliance
Joe Ahouse
joe.ahouse@regionalaccess.net or 607.442.4165

Operations Manager
Asa Redmond
asa@regionalaccess.net or 607.442.4145

Purchasing Lead
Chris Predmore
chris.predmore@regionalaccess.net or 607.442.4147

Produce Manager/Operations
Mark Baumann
mark@regionalaccess.net or 607.442.4158

Sales and Customer Service
Avi Miner
avi@regionalaccess.net or 607.442.4146

Dan Lashkoff
dan@regionalaccess.net or 607.442.4148

Ellen Stechman
ellen@regionalaccess.net or 607.442.4150

Rob Farrell
rob@regionalaccess.net or 607.442.4164