The Fromageries Arnaud became over the years the “top-notch” group in terms of raw-milk traditional and certified-origin cheeses from Franche-Comté: Comté, Bleu de Gex, Morbier du Haut-Jura and Vacherin Mont d’Or .The company was created by Jules-Charles Arnaud, the Grandfather of Mr. Jean-Charles Arnaud, the current owner.

They have been collecting cheeses for more than 100 years in 35 small “fruitières” and maturing them traditionally. Today, with a Comté tonnage of 5500 tons, The Fromageries Arnaud count for roughly 12 % of the total Comté production.

Located in Poligny, designated as the “Capital of the Comté and French Gruyère cheese”, The Fromageries Arnaud have been able to develop their volume thanks to their quality: In fact, in the past 20 years, they have been trusting so many medals for their Comtés and other AOC cheeses from Jura during International Fairs (Salon de l’Agriculture in Paris, International Contest of the Mountain Cheeses, local competitions in Franche-Comté ……) that ONLY those in gold are allowed to be shown in the meeting-room.

The Fromageries Arnaud is the only dairy in France which has been awarded with the Grand Prix d’Excellence from Concours Général de Paris due to the number of Gold medals they collected throughout the years.