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M&M Farm Expansion!

Good things come to those who wait…and from small farms investing in their future. 

We introduced folks to M & M Farm last summer—a micro farming operation in the beautiful North Country—focused on preserving heritage breeds of poultry and providing their local community with the highest quality chicken, duck, goose and beautiful rainbow eggs.  As we started working with them, they were starting the journey of expanding their farm, improving their infrastructure and investing in a sustainable model for growth.  As things often go, their project hit many hurdles along the way—from wild pricing volatility in construction materials to -30 degree weather.  But Matt and Michelle have persevered and through countless hours of hard work, have put together a great barn for their free ranging ‘ladies’ and are moments away from having the refrigeration capacity they need. 

We’re so pleased to have the opportunity to work with a farm in this stage of their growth and are excited to re-introduce our customers to the fruits of their labor.  Over the coming weeks, be on the lookout for their colored eggs and duck eggs.  We’ll also be highlighting their Poulet Rouge whole chickens and prepping for their ducks as those flocks mature.  Please join us in giving M & M a robust ‘Cogratulations!’ and support their efforts on your menus and shelves. 

You can purchase their products by heading here.

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