Divina Olives and Antipasti represent the culinary heritage of the Mediterranean – authentic taste, farm to table traceability and superb quality.

Classic olive varietals such as the Greek Kalamata (Peloponnese), Italian Castelvetrano (Sicily) and Mt. Athos Green (Halkidiki, Greece) are produced according to centuries-old methods: they are hand sorted and naturally cured to preserve the delicate taste and flavor profile of each olive varietal.

The Divina selection of antipasti reflects a world where people are passionate about life and food. The antipasto/meze/tapas table highlights seasonal, local specialties that are expertly prepared and preserved. Dolmas (stuffed grape leaves), the centerpiece of the meze tradition, are tender, flavorful and hand-rolled using early harvest Sultana grape leaves. Our award-winning Roasted Red & Yellow tomatoes are tender and luscious, delicately marinated in oil and herbs. Gigandes Beans from Northern Greece are plump and creamy. Each is a stand out – unique and inspiring.

FoodMatch also produces a full line of Organic Divina products. Cultivated and cured without pesticides, coloring or additives, Organic Divina is a true expression of why olives, olive oil and the olive tree have been revered for thousands of years.