In our fast-paced lives, we look for foods that are both healthy and convenient. But you don’t need to compromise flavor and texture. Take a look at our healthy group of appetizers, snacks, entrees and desserts. Enjoy our crispy fillo appetizers, savory comfort foods with no mess and convenient vegetarian options even the most finicky kids love to eat. We call it gourmet, You’ll call it delicious.

Every one of our recipes is truly a labor of love, deeply rooted in my family’s history. In fact, many of our recipes originated with my mother (Ruth) and aunt (Aunt Trudy). I have such fond memories of the aromas in our kitchen, particularly on holidays when my mom and aunt would work their magic. Having experienced my mother’s and her sister’s gourmet cooking, it is not surprising that I became a gourmand at a young age. I grew up in a fillo-producing family business. My parents sold it when I was in college getting my mechanical engineering degree.

I always had an interest in food. In fact, I originally planned to go to culinary school before opting for engineering. As an engineer, I spent 4 years perfecting the latest generation of fillo-making equipment. Then, in 1993, I took what I learned about making the perfect fillo dough and opened The Fillo Factory.
Over time, the growing success of Fillo Factory lead to our other brands and product lines. When my wife, Melissa, and I started to raise a family, we were determined to nurture our children with food that was healthy, free of chemicals and delicious. Today, we bring that philosophy to all or our organic and natural recipes. From our family to yours… We hope you enjoy our products.