In the 80s , his heirs got to work and acquired the Alco Society, dedicated to the extraction, refining and packaging of edible oils and, later, the Torrejana de Azeites Factory. In the 1990s , Alco acquired the total shareholding in Sovena. Later, the Mello family expands the business by acquiring control of Nutrinveste. In 1999, he bought Tagol, a factory for the extraction and refining of edible oils.

GEM has been an exclusive brand in the American market for more than 70 years. Its portfolio includes olive oils, mixes and vegetable oils blended and packaged at the Rome plant in New York State. The solutions it offers are primarily for the foodservice market, serving thousands of canteens and restaurants, Italian ones in particular, where olive oil is an essential part of the tradition and quality of the menus.