Green Valley is a family owned company with headquarters in Vermont, United States.
We are committed to providing healthy natural products that are delicious and nutritious.
Our product are single sourced from our farms in Vietnam and packed right at the source.

Green Valley is FDA registered company. Most of our products are USDA and EU Organic.
We produce in facilities that are controlled by GMP, HACCP and ISO process. We are proud to say our best quality is our people who work hard to bring the best products.

Our Values:

-High quality products.
-Care for consumers.
-Care for the environment.

100% COCONUT WATER: Our natural coconut water contains just one ingredient: pure coconut water. Our coconut water is made from raw, fresh coconuts on the day they are harvested. This process gives our product its great sweet taste. Our delicious drink is all-natural and never made from concentrate.
Green Valley single source their fresh coconuts from the “Land of the Coconut” – Ben Tre, Vietnam

NO ADDED SUGAR OR SWEETENERS: Go ahead and give in to the great taste of Green Valley’s coconut water!
You can enjoy our great flavor without worrying about unnecessary additives.
Our pure and natural coconut drink is free of added sugars, artificial sweeteners,
chemicals, and preservatives.

DELICIOUS, HEALTHY HYDRATION: Coconut water is a delicious way
to stay hydrated and makes a perfect pre- or post workout beverage!
Our coconut drink is a natural source of 5 essential health-boosting electrolytes and
is a great source of potassium.

SIMPLE & PURE: Green Valley coconut water is the natural choice for everyday
on-the-go refreshment.
Our coconut water is organic, kosher, non-GMO, gluten-free, lactose-free, and
dairy-free. What you get is a pure, healthy, straight-from-the-tropics coconut taste.

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