Since starting our first bakery in New York City and then relocating across the river to northern New Jersey, we continue to follow the artisanal bread recipes we’ve perfected over the years. Today, the dedicated bakers of Tribeca Oven combine fresh-baked quality with par-baked convenience to capture the traditional taste and texture of authentic, artisan bread.

It takes time – and a generous portion of patience – to achieve the distinctive, pleasing character of Tribeca Oven bread. By closely monitoring factors such as temperature, allowing time for starters to ferment, and letting dough rest between baking steps, we can ensure a more satisfying taste and texture. We also achieve a high degree of quality and consistency for all of our baked goods.

Tribeca Oven’s great bread begins with our dedicated bakers who transform premium ingredients into the flavorful, hand-crafted loaves that you experience today. From the kneading of the dough to the final loaf of bread, our team has committed themselves to an intimate baking approach to ensure that our precise quality standards are always achieved. Thanks to their commitment to new ideas and creativity, our bakers are the masterminds behind our new products and flavor profiles that push the boundaries of Tribeca Oven to offer you the best bread available in the culinary world.