“LIME OF THE VINE” – Our verjuice, known as VERJOOZ, is made using green Vinifera grapes which we harvest at veraison with approximately 10-12 brix sugar content. The grapes are grown at Sawmill Creek Vineyards located on the east side of Seneca Lake.

You’ll find the flavors of our verjuice to reflect a bright burst of sunshine in your mouth. Using “Verjooz” in sauces and dressing will add a zippy yet complex element that complements wine, instead of detracting from it like a too acidic vinegar. Verjuice, around since the middle ages, is enjoying a huge popularity in Australia and New Zealand. Californians are beginning to discover and favor verjuice in their cooking. Now you too can discover this exciting and trendy gourmet ingredient!

Finger Lakes Food Company is proud to be a member of Pride of New York and the Finger Lakes Culinary Bounty.

It’s Zippy, it’s Zappy, it’s Zesty….it’s VERJOOZ!