Our story began when co-founders Bob and Allison turned a chance meeting and a big idea into Vermont Creamery. Since 1984, we have consciously crafted delicious dairy, made from high-quality ingredients while supporting our farms, our people and our community.

We’re a team of Vermonters who share a common goal: crafting the most delicious dairy we can.

As a tight-knit group of makers, we work tirelessly to perfect every single detail of what we make. You’ll never eat anything we don’t believe in.

We are on a mission to create dairy that tastes better, because it’s made better.

Our process has purpose; we do everything we can to ensure that our products reflect our mission. As a certified B Corporation, we are devoted to promoting environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

Taste Above All
We believe that delicious products made with high-quality ingredients bring people together. You’ll never eat anything we don’t believe in.

Consciously Crafted
We take the time to do things right: caring for our farmers, customers, community and environment.

We know that great things happen when our team comes together. We have an obligation to affect peoples’ lives.

  • Mascarpone   12/8oz Quick View
    • Mascarpone   12/8oz Quick View
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    • Mascarpone 12/8oz

    • Mascarpone is the magic ingredient in the Italian dessert Tiramisu. Not long ago, the word mascarpone would draw quizzical looks. Nowadays, the distinctly Italian-sounding name is the only thing obscure about this velvety, rich cream cheese. It was only a matter of time before Allison Hooper and Bob Reese, co-founders of Vermont Butter & Cheese Creamery, were asked by chefs…
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