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Feed the People…Feed them Well.

Welcome to Regional Access—where we seriously want you to have access to great food…

While our primary business has always been to the wholesale and food service sectors, we have also always worked directly with individuals and families since our inception.  We will always support the retailers and restaurants that we work with and encourage the public to do the same—however, in this time, many are asking for direct service with less exposure to public spaces.  And we are here to help!

We have a dedicated team of individuals ready to walk you through our offerings, safely pack and process your orders and either deliver to your home or facilitate a contact free pick-up at our warehouse.

While many of our offerings are in bulk formats (small to us is typically around 10#), we are working to create smaller pack sizes and offering up ‘splits’—individual pieces as opposed to cases on a select, core list of items.

First and foremost, we understand what a challenging time this is for everyone.  We appreciate the opportunity to make one piece of your day-to-day a bit simpler…please take a moment to fill out our new customer form and we will get started.  And while we hope that things regain a semblance of normalcy soon, we are excited to make some new friends along the way.

In good food,

Dana Stafford, President/GM