Steampunk Fire Tonic

If there was ever a time to focus on the immune system…Barrel & Brine has exactly what you need, now 15% off!

Fire Tonic is made from house made, raw cider vinegar. Converted from locally produced Leonard Oakes Steampunk Cider. We then cold steep for over a month with botanicals, citrus, local chilies and raw local honey to help fight off that creeping cold, curb allergies and give you that immune boost to fight through the flu.

Buffalo’s only fermentation and pickle shop located in Buffalo’s Black Rock Neighborhood. Specializing in locally sourced fermented foods, pickled items, kombucha and more. Focusing on local farms and their brilliant produce, Barrel + Brine offers a wide variety of seasonal krauts, kimchi, lacto-fermented pickles, vinegar based pickles and kombucha tea. Each item is hand cut and fermented using traditional methods.

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