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Head & Heal Pet CBD Lineup

Never forget to look out for number one! (our four-legged furry friends). Complementing their full suite of CBD products for us, Head & Heal has some for our pets as well. They have measured tinctures for each size of dog breed, tinctures for cats, and CBD dog treats.

Their tincture is completely pet-friendly, and the CEO gives her own dog CBD every morning for anxiety and pain. You’ll see CBD on the market specifically for pets. There is no difference in the oil – brands just know that people will pay more for pet products. The exact same ingredients are in the bottle. Pets do require lower doses of CBD than humans, though, so follow the dosing guidelines.

Located in the rolling hills of Cortland, NY, Head & Heal founders Karli and Allan met at a Sustainable Farming Program — Allan was a passionate farmer struggling to deal with the debilitating symptoms of chronic Lyme disease; Karli had dedicated herself to helping small farms thrive and diversify but was struggling with severe anxiety. The standard pharmaceutical options available to them came with a whole host of unwanted side effects, and so they began looking for something better: CBD was the answer.

Start helping your pets with their pain and anxiety today, and check out all of Head & Heal’s CBD products by heading here.