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Labor Day Grilling

What better time is there to show support for the small family farms that work year-round to bring food to our tables? They might have to work, but they’ve provided us with a vast selection of beef, chicken, and pork for your Labor Day weekend cookout needs. We have beef dogs, pork dogs, sausages, steaks, chops, kabobs, ground beef, ribs, roasts, and much more! So fill those propane tanks, grab your charcoal, and cover your grills with some Red Gate Grocer meats!!

Place your Red Gate Grocer meat order today. Fresh cuts available for shipments starting tomorrow, September 2nd. Items from our freezer are available anytime. You can find an updated list of all of our meat offerings by heading here.

Reminder that with our Regional Pantry we are now offering smaller packaging sizes to help reach more people, and allow them access to the food provided by our great local farms. Inquire about home delivery or pickup directly from our warehouse, where your order will be picked, ready, and waiting for you. Check out all of our pantry items here.