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Leep Foods Mushrooms…Coming Soon!

We are so excited, that we couldn’t wait until the end of the long weekend to announce our newest foray into the wonderful world of mushrooms.

When George Zheng was a student at Rochester Institute of Technology, he was curious. Running an experiment, he found a better way to grow mushrooms on American Hardwoods instead of on the typical mushroom-growing substrates – manure. This yielded mushrooms that packed flavor and nutrients into each beautiful stem and cap. The innovation turned into Leep Foods.

Winner of the 2020 Grow NY awards, Leep Foods is based out of Rochester, NY. They are committed to sustainability, and have strict food safety and quality standards to ensure growth of the cleanest and most pristine mushrooms possible. We will be carrying three varieties of their mushrooms: Shitake, Lion’s Mane, and Blue Oyster.

A little teaser for the future as well: blended food products, the next generation of food innovation. Leep Foods is developing blended chicken sausages and beef burgers that include a mushroom boost. Healthier on us and the planet.

Can’t wait, coming soon!