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May 2017 New Products and Promotions

Hey folks, we are back! Sorry for the radio silence recently but we have not been standing idle, promise. Lots of nuts and bolts we would love you to read towards the end, but if you would rather… just scroll down until you see a green button and check out this months New Products and Promotions from Regional!


Warning, #longread below… 
We are responding to customer requests and our own data that show promotions emails are most often read on mobile devices. That means abandoning trying to format all the info into an email and instead relying on one click buttons that take you to a PDF that can easily be read no matter your screen size. We aim to please whether you are still holding onto an iPhone 3, or do what we do and rock desktops with twin 24″s.

We are also shifting away from monthly updates; so far in 2017 that has meant fewer communications but in the future that will mean reaching out when great new products land instead of waiting for a new month to roll around. In mid-May we have an incredible new New York made cold pressed beverage inbound, and we are working on a cold brew coffee in cans too. And nearly every single week there are new produce items being harvested from the fields and new animals being cut to your specifications.

And this will be the year of Red Gate Grocer! More bar coded fixed weight meats, more unique cuts, more dry goods, more small batch, small farm, big quality items all year long. They are going to fight for space on your shelf, and win with your customers with every placement you make.

If you would rather slow down the emails, unsubscribe! We are doing what we can to pay close attention to who clicks and who might be tired of hearing from us. Our only goal is to put the most relevant, readable information in front of you on the most wonderful products we can find.

More soon, and if you made it this far reward yourself and check out some of the great items above. We want to hear from you… let’s talk soon?

– The Team at Regional Access