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Memorial day in Boston, 20,000 Flags

Memorial Day order deadline

Stock up! The Memorial Day holiday is fast approaching. Do you need any great meat? Some brand new BBQ sauces or Hot Sauces? Regional has you covered.



Q. Can I place my order on the Monday holiday?

A. We encourage all customers to instead submit their orders by 2pm Thursday, 05/25/17 to ensure all fresh made to order items are available for you.

Q. Is Regional delivering on Monday?

A. Please reach out to your sales rep or call our office at 6307.319.5150 x5 if you are open on Memorial Day 05/29/17 and wish to receive delivery that day. 

Q. Will product availability be affected?

A. Some items may not be available or only available a day later than usual. Be sure to submit your order by 2pm Thursday, 05/25/17 for the best possible product availability.

Q. Will my delivery day be affected that week?

A. All Tuesday through Friday deliveries are happening as normal.


We will work with you to make the holiday as effortless and successful as possible.


— The Sales Team at Regional Access