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New Kombucha Flavors From Barrel and Brine

We are happy to introduce four new flavors of kombucha to our product lineup. Barrel and Brine is a fermentation and pickle shop located in Buffalo’s Black Rock Neighborhood. Focusing on local farms and their brilliant produce, Barrel and Brine offers a wide variety of seasonal krauts, kimchi, lacto-fermented pickles, vinegar based pickles and kombucha tea.
Each item is hand cut and fermented using traditional methods. No powdered probiotics. No artificial flavorings. No extracts. Just real. Good. Booch.

They currently offer the following flavors:

Hibiscus Orange – Made with freshly squeezed oranges and tart, crimson hibiscus flowers. Citrusy and bright. A real favorite.

Elderflower Rose – Flavored with a special blend of Hibiscus and Elderflowers. Floral and honey characteristics make this one refreshing booch. Makes great cocktails.

Ginger Lemon – Flavored with loads of fresh grated ginger and lemon juice. A classic blend that is as refreshing as it is delicious.

Strawberry Lemon – Flavored with loads of fresh, local strawberries from one of our favorite farms. Balances with tart lemons. This is “summertime in a glass”.

All flavors come in a reasonably priced 16 ounce size, and will be available 8/10. You can place an order by heading here.