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Nitrogen Infused Cold Brew Coffee

The newest product from Regional Access is sure to please your grab and go set customers during the warm summer months. It also works fantastic as a cocktail mixer or poured into a glass with half and half and a touch of simple syrup. Watch the bubbles rise and taste how smooth cold brew can be.

We think a good cup of coffee is a lot like a good wine. If proper care is taken from the growing of a coffee bean to the drinking of a good pour over or espresso, you will be able to taste the difference.

Glen Edith Coffee Nitro Cold Brew   24/12oz

Code: GEC001

Our cold brew coffee is specifically roasted and brewed to be served cold. It is infused with nitrogen to create a creamy, yet smooth texture. This product is only pure black cold brew coffee and contains no added dairy, sugar or additives.  This coffee also works extremely well as a cocktail mixer. You can enjoy our nitro cold brew straight from the can, or if you want to see the cascading nitrogen bubbles, turn the can upside down and empty the contents into a clear glass.