BULKshop™ Gondola Kit A , 67″ w/ 2 Rows of Dispensers (18) and 2 catch trays

BULKshop™ Kit A features our short gondola with two rows of dispensers, built-in catch trays and complete sign kit.

Customize Kit A by adding a flat shelf, or scoop bins below the rows of dispensers. Flat shelves are great for displaying packaged goods and complimentary products. Scoop bins are perfect for sticky items, fine powders, or items that may not require portion control. This is a retail fixture sure to stand above the rest. Great for end-caps or as a standalone display – BULKshop™ by Rosseto is a gondola system strong enough to stand on its own – you do not have to mount our gondola to a wall or the floor.

Kit A Includes: BULKshop™ 67″ Gondola , (2) Rows of Dispensers (18 total), (2) Mounting Shelves, (2) Catch Tray Shelves, (2) Catch Tray Signs, (2) Shelf Strip Signs, (2) 67″ Wing Signs

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