Cheese Pairing, Figs, Macadamia & Allspice 12/2.47oz

The density of ripe figs, with just the right amount of sugar to avoid an overpowering sweetness, combines perfectly with blue cheeses. Just For Cheese is a line of signature pairings especially created for cheeses. Far from obscuring the taste of the cheese, the aim is to enhance its organoleptic properties and create a flow of perfectly balanced sensations. Can Bech creates these sauces using fruits, dried fruits, nuts and spices, ingredients that are specially selected by origin and that it searches for throughout the 5 continents.

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About Can Bech

Can Bech

Can Bech opened its doors in 1981 under the care of the Bech family, but only as a restaurant. One of its most famous dishes was homemade cottage cheese with figs of Empordà, a typical dessert made with sheep’s milk fresh cheese with candied figs. The success of the candied figs was so great that the Bech family began to prepare and preserve them in glass jars to sell to their customers.

In this Just for Cheese line, each flavor is designed for the perfect pairing with each category of cheese. Can Bech selects the finest nuts, fruits, and spices, importing them from five continents, in order to achieve the perfect flavor to accompany fresh and soft cheeses, soft ripened cheeses, washed rind cheeses, hard paste, and blue cheeses.

Ingredients Figs, sugar, macadamias, lemon juice, allspice
Product Type Dry
Country of Origin Spain
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MSRP 3.49
Barcode 195463000039


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