Chile Powder Blend 50#

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About Schiff Food Products

Schiff Food Products

Founded in 1949, Schiff began selling food condiments in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and slowly evolved into grinding spices.
The company left Brooklyn for New Jersey in 1998 and eventually expanded into seeds, herbs, allied products, dehydrated vegetables, onion & garlic, and seasoning blends. The company emerged as expert in the sourcing of suppliers worldwide, carefully selecting only the best sources. Its state-of-the art facility in Totowa NJ includes a huge warehouse of some 200,000 square feet including grinding and packaging facilities.

In July 2019, Schiff Foods took a major step in expanding its industry leading business. It acquired Morris J. Golombeck, an industry leader in spices and herbs since 1931, a company that is well known for its quality products.
The Morris J. Golombeck dynasty began in Downtown Manhattan, incorporated in 1946. The company moved to Brooklyn in 1955. In the ‘60’s, Golombeck focused on the grinding of spices in a special method that made it unique in the industry. It sold the high-grade spices to food manufacturing, packers and distribution plants. Golombeck became known for its quality and unique processing for such items as black pepper, paprika, cinnamon, garlic, and dehydrated onion.

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