Appenzeller Extra, AOP, ~14# $/#

Appenzeller cheese is produced in around 86 village cheese dairies. The milk used in Appenzeller comes exclusively from cows fed with hay and grasses, never with ensiled food. In Switzerland, stringent quality controls ensure that farmers supply creameries with nothing but first-class, pure, grass-fed milk. To be able to carry the name “Extra”, Appenzeller cheeses must meet a long list of specific criteria. Only the best cheeses are selected and aged six months, which gives them a very flavourful and strong taste. Appenzeller is an extremely popular and versatile cheese, whether you’re serving it as the golden centrepiece of your cheese platter, baking it into your favourite muffins or warming it up as part of a creamy cheese fondue. This cheese melts beautifully and is often used as a topping for seasoned potatoes, salads and pasta dishes. Or keep things simple: just slice it and enjoy!

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