Ginger Carrots, Organic 1gal

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The Mission of Hawthorne Valley Farm
Our vision statement reads, “nurturing the land that nurtures us” and we take this statement seriously. Our goals are: to establish a true Biodynamic farm; to connect children and adults with the land and the food that nourishes them; and to provide agricultural products of the highest quality. Through the farm’s products, we hope to open an educational dialogue about our environment, our economy, and ourselves.

Adding value to our farm products through our creamery, farm store, and bakery allows us to grow our farm in a balanced way–with less stress on the land, plants and animals. The income from these “value-added” activities coupled with the greater profit margin from direct marketing (as described in the next paragraph) permits the farm to maintain a reasonable and “human” scale. Thus we are able to avoid the ‘conventional’ monoculturally-based, industrial-scale, factory-farming methods which are prevalent in the country today.

Local and regional direct marketing of our products through the farm store, the Green Markets in NYC, and the CSA program allows for a social interaction that brings people onto the farm and helps to develop long lasting connections. Further, providing our farm products to the other initiatives of Hawthorne Valley Association such as the visiting students program and the school allows us to develop deeper relationships with their participants as well.

Finally, our relationship with the on-farm learning and vocational training programs bring many young people onto the farm. It is our hope that the ongoing dialogue amongst us all will contribute to an increased awareness of the importance of sustainable living and working practices.

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