Hot Sauce, Chipotle 12/4oz

This El Yucateco chipolte sauce is made from a rich blend of naturally smoked chipotle peppers and corn syrup. Its smoky, sour-sweet flavor is sure to tantalize your senses. Use it to marinate chicken fajitas or to prepare a tangy dipping sauce for shrimp, vegetables, and more.

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About El Yucateco

El Yucateco

The YUCATECO SALSAS Y CONDIMENTOS, a company created in 1968 by Mr. Priamo J. Gamboa, started out as a small family business devoted to the production of homemade habanero pepper sauces.

Nowadays it is a world-renowned company, pioneer in producing and exporting fiery habanero pepper sauces, as well as a variety of traditional Mexican products to the U.S., Europe, Asia and Oceania.

In addition, we have a modern manufacturing facility and our own Habanero and Annatto fields, which are our main raw materials.

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