Hot Sauce, “JD’s” 12/8oz

Made with kombucha and crafted with natural ingredients, this hot sauce is an aged cayenne pepper sauce that is the perfect blend of hot, tangy, and savory. Full of flavor with a nice kick, but not too hot to really taste and enjoy. The kombucha vinegar makes the flavor truly unique. Serving creative, curious flavors, one scoby at a time. Made with kombucha! Vegan, gluten free, no MSG, no high fructose corn syrup. Shake well before using and refrigerate after opening.

About Ithaca Kombucha Company

Ithaca Kombucha Company

In 2013, while working in a local gym as a personal trainer, Joey “JD” Durgin noticed many of his clients sipping on kombucha. A kombucha enthusiast himself, Joey made small gallon batches at home and dared his clients to compare his unfiltered, raw, kombucha to the store bought stuff. “Oh my God, can I buy this from you?!” one client inquired. Word spread and his production of kombucha increased to 20 gallons at a time. But Joey’s wife was not pleased with the office being turned into a home brewery.

We created the first ever kombucha BBQ sauce using kombucha vinegar that was too strong to drink, but perfect as a base for a sauce. A bottling company and a very talented graphic designer/photographer/kombucha fan Jenn Foy came on board and we created our first batch of BBQ Sauce on May 11, 2015. Soon after, Joey created JD’s Hot Sauce. Our small company is growing slowly and surely, and we are now expanding to all stretches of NYS!

Joey and Brian are launching their first Infinity Kombucha Brewing Kit that carries the name of their Personal Training Studio (Infinity Athletics). Named Infinity Brewing Kit because you buy the kit once and you never have to buy Kombucha again! Well, unless you drink it all then you might while you’re waiting for the next batch to brew.

Product Type Dry
Country of Origin USA
State NY
Farm Name
MSRP 5.95
Barcode 865808000115


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