Maple Sugar, Granulated 2#

A local sugar in a 2# bulk bag. What more could you ask for? Put it on your table today.

About RHD Walling's Maple Syrup

RHD Walling's Maple Syrup

We are a family-owned and operated, certified organic maple syrup business, located in the rolling hills of central New York State. We produce high quality pure maple syrup and an array of additional products as well, such as maple cream and molded maple sugar. Our operations include every aspect of maple production, from hanging tubing lines in the woods, to bringing our sap to a rolling boil and turning out sticky, sweet, golden-amber maple syrup.

In the beginning, we had no high-tech equipment and not even an evaporator for boiling. We tapped a few maple trees in our yard and boiled the collected sap on our kitchen stove. From there, we erected an outside fire pit for boiling. For many years we heard the “ping, ping” of sap dripping into buckets, as we made our way to empty the sweet, clear liquid. As the years went by we increased our operations, and our sugarbushes and tapped trees grew in number. Ultimately, a few years ago we could no longer manage the buckets and decided to let them go.

Presently we are using vacuums in all of our sugarbushes. We utilize a sizable evaporator, along with a reverse osmosis machine to remove water from the sap and decrease boiling time. Once boiled, our syrup is run through a filter press. The delicate and delicious final product is then jugged and ready for sale. We have a large sugarhouse where the age-old process of making maple syrup continues to be honored – the end result of a small sugarshack growing, one bit at a time, into a respectable business.

Ingredients Wallings Pure, Local Maple Syrup, boiled to remove excess water. No additives, no preservatives.
Product Type Dry
Country of Origin USA
State NY
Farm Name
Barcode 091037960320


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