Vinegar, Red Wine, Aged, Imported 2/5L

Red Wine Vinegar is prepared by fermenting red wine until it becomes sufficiently acidic.

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About Delouis


Georges, a young soldier from a Limousin family of lawyers bought a vinegar factory that just that had been set up. The proximity of Bordeaux vineyard was for him an opportunity to reuse wine that had turned sour and was not proper to consumption as wine. From this raw material, he created vinegar. With his flair for fine taste and flavors, he simply added mustard seeds to develop a mustard based on vinegar and red wine must.

1940, Pierre Delouis, a young man in his thirties, joined the family business. He decided to concentrate on the development of spirit vinegar next to wine vinegar. Just after the Second World War he stopped mustard production, freeing up space to extend the vinegar-making facilities.

In 1964, Philippe Delouis joined the company as a member of staff and already suggested to his father to launch the production of the very first cider vinegar of the Limousin market using local apples. He met Chefs all over the world to promote his innovation and receive a successful feedback. In 1976, he needs space to expend and moves the production of mustard to the village of Champsac in the countryside.

In 2004, Philippe Delouis now 65 years of age, handed over the reins to the Brabant family with whom he had forged a relationship of great trust for years.

It was the starting of a year of transition sharing experience between Philippe and Gaël to do so.

The company transfer of the DELOUIS family business has been decided to another family focusing on preserving local practices.
This choice was celebrated with an award for the know-how transfer in 2007.

Ingredients Red Wine Vinegar (Reduced with water to 7% acidity), Potassium Metabisulfite (Preservative).
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