Walnuts, Light Halves & Pieces SINGLE 1#

Raw, light, English walnut halves & pieces. What’s that you say? Well, the halves & pieces part is pretty straightforward but “Light”? Well, Light refers to the color of the walnut. Our walnuts are the typical English variety you see at your local store. This combination of “whole” halves and pieces is best for repackaging or your bulk bin. If you’re looking to bake you may want just pieces. The English walnut has a somewhat misleading name. English walnuts are native to Persia (cultivated by the Greeks), but England and its empire are largely responsible for bringing them to the Western diet. Today, the English walnut is grown in California and other parts of the mainland United States. Compared with black walnuts, English walnuts are more widely consumed.

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Ingredients Walnuts, halves and pieces
Product Type Dry
Country of Origin USA
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