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Real Pickles Sale

We are offering a 15% discount on select items from Real Pickles from now through the end of January.

Real Pickles is located in a solar powered and energy efficient facility in Greenfield, MA. They are committed to a regional, organic, and sustainable food system. As such, they source all of their ingredients from organic family farms located within the Northeast, and only sell their products in the region.

In 2013 they switched their ownership structure from a sole-proprietorship to a worker owned co-operative. In doing so, Real Pickles is making it their mission to empower staff to direct the future of the business, and have created good local jobs with shared profits. They are bring a democratic philosophy to the workplace, and cultivating employees who are driven and invested in the company.

Their wide array of products are made using lactic acid fermentation. This traditional technique is the original pickling method and has been an essential part of healthy human diets throughout the world for thousands of years. Large corporations use vinegar to pickle, as that process is easy to make shelf-stable products on an industrial scale. Unfortunately, these modern pickles do not offer the authentic flavor or the probiotic and health-promoting qualities of traditional pickles.

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