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Sale on Lively Run Goat Cheese

We are offering 10% off all of our Feta and Chevre offerings from our favorite goat dairy farm! Sale begins today and will run through 5/31, it is important to support our local dairy farmers in these uncertain times!

Lively Run Dairy is one of the longest operating commercial goat dairies in the country, beginning production in New York in 1982 and pioneering goat cheese in the American marketplace. Their Cayuga Blue was awarded first place in its class at the American Cheese Society Cheese Contest in 2017.

They are a family-owned and operated creamery located in the Finger Lakes Region of NY. Steve and Susanne Messmer, their two sons, Pete and Dave Messmer, and business partner, Katie Shaw, own Lively Run Dairy.

The entire team at Lively Run Dairy works to continue the mission of crafting delectable artisan cheese inspired by the historic Finger Lakes food culture in a way that honors people, animals, and the land. They empower employees, customers, partners, and the greater community to live healthier, happier lives.


Our Chevre is delicate, with a creamy texture that is balanced by a slight lactic tang and grassy, pastoral notes. It is a very versatile cooking cheese that is equally useful for savory dishes, like cheese dips or salads, and sweet recipes, like cheese cake or panna cotta. We currently offer plain and herbed Chevre.

Herbs Include: Dill, Herbes de Provence, Rose Peppercorn, Za’atar, Garlic and Pepper.


Feta is a firm and very salty Balkan-style cheese. Aged for one month in salt brine, our Feta develops a crumbly texture that is perfect for use in salads, omelettes, pizzas or anything that would benefit from a salty kick.

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