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What Should be on Your Shelf This Week, February 2018

Take another look… Regional Access has successful high-turn retail product lines from unique northeast producers.

One of the hallmarks of a successful product line is one that continues to innovate and expand their offerings. Two of our favorites here at Regional are doing just that this month. AquaVitea has introduced a new flavor Peachmint, and the makers of revolutionary non-dairy over at Elmhurst have added 6 new SKU’s.

Since launch each brand has been as successful by creating a great shelf presence by offering tons of variety and an option for every palate and diet. To continue to fulfill that mission, Elmhurst 1925 has added the most requested option, new unsweetened almond and hazelnut milks! 

And lest you think, “Oh I don’t need another flavor of kombucha”, let AquaVitea tell you what you are missing out on every single day it’s not on your shelf:

Rocking your dome with juicy peach, refreshing mint and bubbly kombucha.

Get it! Full details in the PDFs below. 

2018.02 Aqua Vitea Peach Mint

2018.02, Elmhurst New Flavors

– The Team at Regional Access