You are currently viewing Buy one get one deal from Seek North!

Buy one get one deal from Seek North!

Summer is heating up and so are the kombucha deals! Seek North is now offering buy one get one free cases of all four flavors of their kombucha. Offer is valid now through 7/16.

Seek North, located in the Hudson Valley region of NY, was created as part of a lifestyle change to mitigate the debilitating effects of neurological Lyme disease to one of it’s owners. Persistence and countless kitchen experiments eventually resulted in an unadulterated kombucha that is completely raw, unfiltered, and full of probiotics that promote gut health. By concentrating on gut health, switching to a plant-based diet, and adopting a healthier lifestyle they were able to manage the fight with Lyme.

With the help of their fans they narrowed down to four unique flavors:

Seek Vitality – This super-kombucha features holy basil—an apoptogenic herb—paired with blue spirulina, another superfood. Seek Vitality also includes fresh-pressed ginger and a touch of white grape juice for a refreshing and tropical flavor.

Seek Harmony – The tangy boldness of tropical hibiscus and the rooty, lemon-spice flavors of ginger complement and accentuate one another. Each bottle is packed with flavonoids, vitamin C, digestion helpers, and inflammation fighters to help your body achieve a perfect internal balance.

Seek Immunity – We combined the sweet, indulgent flavor of pineapple with the hoppy-tasting flower of the elderberry plant. Celebrated for centuries thanks to its immunity-boosting properties and ability to fight off colds and flus, elderflower will delight your taste buds and protect your health.

Seek Clarity – Blueberry—nature’s preferred brain-boosting nootropic—teams up with sweet, tangy pomegranate and lemon to nourish body and mind with a powerhouse combination of antioxidants, probiotics, and vitamins. This kombucha is a delicious, nutritious way to amplify mental clarity.

Head to here to get a free case today!