January 2017 New Products and Promotions

Happy New Year! Although we (mostly) took last week off to work on trucks and reset ourselves after another “biggest year ever!”, we are still ready to get some great new items on a truck and headed your way.

Red Gate Grocer is chief among them of course. Our free-range eggs from Moravia, NY have taken off and even though cartons have only been available for a few weeks we have been delighted and honored by the number of customers jumping on board. The follow up question has been, “Well whats next!?” and now we can tell you. We have four sausage flavors ready to go in mid January. Just like the eggs, they are 100% retail ready with GS1 bar codes and bright attractive retail packaging. 2017 will be a huge for Red Gate, so keep your eye out for NYS organic grains, and a whole lot more cool stuff throughout the year.

There are a ton of bulk deals we’ll be tracking closely too, plus a Super Bowl Special from Brooklyn Brine. Check out the rest of the news below.

All promotional offers are valid for orders placed through 01/27/17

– The Team at Regional Access

January 2017 New Products and Promotions, web version

Brooklyn Brine

Get that Super Bowl end cap up! Have you tried their new line of brine infused condiments yet? Speak to your sales rep about getting a deal on a multi SKU placement. They have ketchup, mustard, a great vegan spread, and a relish. As far as the January deal, all the best selling retail pickles are 15% off all month long.

Red Gate Grocer

Eggs! National brand organic, Non-GMO, pastured eggs are $6.99 per dozen. Red Gate Eggs are one tier below in certifications, but a much better price point for quality and value focused customers! Red Gate Grocer eggs are terrific quality, have great packaging… and will make you money!

Satur Farms

Winter is here but Satur Farms has their FL production up and running! Same amazing quality, and a diversified farming operation allows the same greens you rely on to be available all year round. Check in with your sales rep for new weekly offerings and special orders.

January 2017 New Products and Promotions, web version