Appenzeller® Black Label 6 Month (Raw) 1/14# $/#

Appenzeller® Extra Mature, also known as Black Label, is a staple in the Swiss cheese landscape, just like Emmentaler or Gruyère and
6 months of aging transforms it into a hearty
and piquant cheese What makes Appenzeller
really special is the herbal brine with which they
wash the wheels it includes an undisclosed
mixture of herbs, spices, and/or wine
from the region.

The picturesque Appenzell region with its lush green pastures and rolling hills is ideal for dairy farming. And Appenzeller, the cheese from this area, is said to exactly match the personality of the people in this far northeastern corner of Switzerland: It has a fiery and at the same time heartfelt, kind character, can appear a bit rough yet is well balanced. And they love a secret in Appenzell – the brine they use to wash the wheels is a carefully guarded secret that is kept in a double locked cellar and only two people (a father and son) have access to. This 6 month aged version of the cheese, also known as Black Label, has a lovely herbaceous quality and is more piquant than younger versions. Cheesemakers select the best wheels for this cheese, aging them in a damp cellar at

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