Cake, Mocha Cocoa ~10oz

A remarkable new chocolatey combination of flavors and textures! Completely original proprietary recipe. The finest natural and organic ingredients. Baked and entirely made by hand. With premium cocoa, Calmyrna figs, Callebaut® chocolate, Bacardi® white Rum, Monin® dark chocolate syrup, Kahlua®, espresso powder, nutmeg, and cinnamon for an elegant complex and delicious new kind of chocolate cake. A very nice coffee cake. Store at room temperature.

About Black Cat Ventures

Black Cat Ventures

The iconic Cafe & Bakery in historic Sharon Springs. Now in our 16th year, and a mainstay of Sharon Springs’ Main Street, Black Cat offers high quality, innovative food (made with local and organic ingredients whenever possible,) exceptional service and warm atmosphere.

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